First day in Finland

Radisson SAS hotel in Espoo As said, I'm trying to keep track of my trip at the WoWMoM 2007 conference in Helsinki... and here goes day one!  :)

After waking up at the quite unusual time of 4 o'clock in the morning, I first flew from Perugia to Milan with a funky little propeller airplane (great flight, I nearly crapped my pants on take off, but the rest was easy...). Then, after two boring hours at Malpensa, I took the plane to Helsinki: this time a larger (but nonetheless very shaky and not too reliable-feeling) Airbus.

After a short taxi trip, I checked in at the hotel (which is completely amazing) and tried to explore Espoo (in particular the Dipoli building) but without much success since it started pouring rain very soon. In the short time I actually saw something of Finland, I was confused: it looks like Switzerland, same trees, same landscape (well, except the mountains I'll say), same weather, similar people... hell, they even speak a similar-sounding language!
Funny.  :D

Well, I'm back rehearsing for tomorrow. See you soon!