Die Gemmi (1994)

The ancestor of all wandering movies (Walk and Talk). Realized thanks to the "European Year of wandering".

Max and Polo wander across the Gemmi, a mountain pass connecting canton Berne to canton Wallis, while reflecting about God and the world; but in particular about women. Screened at the Berlinale 1994, received the prize for "most humorous movie" in Oberhausen.

Director, script, camera, production: Clemens Klopfenstein.
Starring: Max Rüdlinger and Polo Hofer.
Assistence: Serena Kiefer
Audio, editing: Remo Legnazzi
Music: Ben Jeger
Runtime: 33 min.
Format: Hi8 expanded to 35mm, color

NB: the movie has been re-edited down to 14 minutes as intro to "The silence of men". On the newly released DVD of the movie it is again available in the original uncut version.