The DVDs at a glance

Movies by Clemens Klopfenstein, now available for sale in good book and video stores.

Geschichte der Nacht
Story of Night
Eine Nachtlang Feuerland
Eine Nachtlang Feuerland
Der Ruf der Sybilla
Sybilla's Kiss
Macao oder die Rückseite des Meeres
Das Vergessene Tal
The purloined valley
Das Schweigen der Männer
The silence of men
Die Vogelpredigt
Saint Francis' Birds Tour

How to buy

All DVDs can be purchased online via Praesens Film, Zürich.

"Story of Night" can also be ordered from Edition Grumbach (35 CHF + shipping costs):
tompfister (at) bluewin (dot) ch.

Ordering card

Download the DVD ordering card
Download the DVD ordering card


Geschichte der Nacht Booklet

The booklet for “Geschichte der Nacht” can be downloaded here.

Print odd pages first. Turn the pages and now print even pages.

Cut the pages, fold and… done!